Oil paintings by Dr. Jennyfer Toplak exude great beauty and enthusiasm for humanity.   Her thought-provoking fine oil paintings dramatically focus on ‘realism.” This young artist is passionate about connecting environmental causes with the quality and future of our lives. Dr. Toplak’s expressions of thought, inspire us to save the planet!

As a native of Venezuela, Jennyfer was born to be an artist. She comes from an integrated Euro-Venezuelan family and follows generations of talented artists before her.  Since early childhood, Jennyfer loved drawing and painting and subsequently became well known for her artistic abilities. Taking on great challenges was commonplace for Jennifer. A high achiever from the start, she designed impressive major projects and life-size drawings for her community. Jennyfer became an advocate of conservation in high school and was later chosen to make a presentation on environmental awareness before the Venezuelan President and National Assembly.

While mastering her creative skills, Jennyfer became fascinated with science and biology. This lead to her studies at Central University of Venezuela, where she became a physician. Her decision to combine art and medicine was manifested in her training in the field of esthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

After moving to the United States, Jennyfer studied art with a renown Castilian Master and began to focus on the “Classical” styles and skills of the Old Masters. Perhaps because of her medical background, she soon discovered an ability to uniquely portray the human image. The depiction of women and children with detailed focus on the fine intricacies of faces and hands became her focus.  In her first solo exhibition entitled “Homage To The Old Masters”, Jennyfer created a magnificent group of fine oil paintings depicting Classical realism of the Renaissance and Victorian periods. 

Her mission to remind us all that our environment is as fragile as the human form remains undiminished and is celebrated in every work. 

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